Reusable Name Badge Supplies:
The Last Name Badge You’ll Ever Need to Buy

Why Make Name Badges Reusable?

Custom name badges by Imprint Plus™ can easily be personalized, come in many shapes and sizes, and (best of all) are completely reusable! Imprint Plus™ has been in the name badge business for over 30 years and has since developed many name badge products to serve the needs of our clients in all kinds of businesses andindustries. In fact, we’re so dedicated to providing businesses with quality name badges and name tags that we’ve patented many of the processes involved in their production and set the standard for the name badge industry!

Imprint Plus™ reusable name badges:

  • Save time
  • Can be easily customized
  • Save you money because they are reusable

So on top of looking good and helping your staff break the ice with your customers, our reusable name badgesare easy on your wallet and your conscience!

How Reusable Name Badges Work

Assembling a reusable name badge

Imprint Plus™ name badge starter kits include everything you’ll need to create professional and eco-conscious reusable magnetic name badges.

The name badge kit contains all the components of the reusable name badge system:

  • Badge Plate
  • Printable insert sheets (or Brother P-Touch tape)
  • Badge Lens Cover
  • Name badge holder (fastener)
  • Plus our Microsoft Certified name badge software to ensure a perfect print every time

The 4 Components of the Reusable Name Badge

1. The Badge Plate

steel name badge plate - 3 colors

Signature 1″x3″ steel name badge plates in white, silver and gold

Our name badge plates come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials, so you’ll find the perfect badge combination to reflect your company’s brand. You can even print custom photo backgrounds (for ID name badges) giving you full control over the appearance of your new reusable name badges.

2. The Badge Insert Sheet

imprint plus medium badge inserts

MD size badge inserts

Our patented, peel-off name badge insert sheets are simple to use and personalize in seconds. Just print using your laser or inkjet printer, and peelyour labels off ready for use. Our name badge software gives you the flexibility of printing only what you need when you need it so you can reuse the same insert sheet. Imprint Plus™  personalized insert sheets are a key component of our reusable name badge system. These transparent sheets allow you to customize your name badges on site with logos, texts and other custom graphics.


3. The Name Badge Lenscover

Name badge Lenscovers

Reusable Name Badge Lenscovers

The Imprint Plus™ patented, domed name badge lenscovers add the final touch to your name badges. These lenscovers give your badges a polished look and feel, which will leave your customers and staff thinking that you paid hundreds more for your company name badges. Badge lenscovers are shatter-proof and manufactured with materials that produce optically clear parts. These are guaranteed to fit all Imprint Plus™ plates and tabbed to fit so they do not fall off. The domed name badge lenscover design compliments the badge; giving it a stylish 3 dimensional domed look and feel. The name badge lenscover is the key to reusability; this component houses the plates and inserts creating a name tag product that saves time, money and gives the user the flexibility to implement immediate badge change overs.

The name badge lenscover was originally conceptualized as a “snap-on” domed lens cover for name badges. This would take the place of the current in-house process which achieves a permanent dome by applying an epoxy resin to the surface of a finished name badge. Currently, the state of the art lenscover is made from UV-cured urethane resin dispensed by liquid control. Once cured, the resin forms a permanent coating that is scratch resistant. By molding a name badge lenscover in the domed form, we achieve a part that is re-usable or if damaged, replaceable.

Name badge lenscovers are available in all plate sizes.

4. Name Badge Holders (Fasteners)

selection of badge fastener pins and magnets

Imprint Plus™ name badge holders: clips, pins and signature magnets (L to R)

As with the other reusable name badge supplies, we’ve also designed and patented a variety of name badge holders (or fasteners) to suit your needs. Our magnetic name badge holders are extra strong and are guaranteed to hold your name badge in place even during the most hectic days.

If you’d like more information, click here for details on our line of magnetic name badge holders.

We also carry custom-designed badgepin fasteners, which are guaranteed not to break, and like our reusable magnetic name badge holders, are guaranteed to hold your name badge securely in place.

Custom Name Badges – Key Features

the four parts of the reusable name badge

The four parts of the reusable name badge

Specifications for each component of the reusable name badge system can be found on the individual product pages:


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