Name Badge Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Materials

At Imprint Plus™ we know that selection is crucial to meeting our customers’ needs. The right shape, size and color name badge mean everything in communicating your unique brand.

In response to customer requests over the last 30 years, we offer a wide range of name badge shapes, sizes and colors. We’re confident that we have the right name badge for your company. Custom shapes, colors and sizes are also available. For a quote on custom badges, please call us on 01476 515934.

Name Badge Shapes and Sizes

name badge shapes

  • Extra Small (XS): 0.50″ x 2.0″
  • Small (SM): 0.75″ x 2.5″
  • Medium (MD) or Signature: 1″ x 3″
  • Medium Plus (MP): 1.5″ x 3″
  • Large (LG): 1.5″ x 2.75″
  • ID or Boomer (ID): 2.125″ x 3.37″
  • Square (SQ): Insert size: 1.62″ x 1.62″
  • Thin Oval (TO): 2.75″ x 0.95″
  • Small Oval (SO): 1.976″ x 1.284″
  • Large Oval (OV): 2.57″ x 1.7″

Name Badge Colors

The most popular badge plate colors with Imprint Plus™ customers are goldsilver, and white. We also offer platinum and copper colored plates. Gold, silver and yellow badge plates are also available in some satin and bright finishes. (Satin and bright finished badge plate orders may be subject to longer lead times; lead time provided with quote.)

imprint plus available metal badge plate colors

Name Badge Metals

Metal name badge and signage plates are quality manufactured, burr free parts with and +/- .005 tolerances on dimension. These precision parts come with a guarantee on workmanship. Standard Imprint Plus™ badge plates are made of either steel or aluminum. We can also accommodate custom plastic badge plates for customers. Please contact us for a quote.


  • 10 Sizes to choose from
  • 3 Standards metal colors: Gold, silver and white
  • Recommended for humid climates, kitchen staff, and doormen and valet services
  • Aluminum plates are also recommended for buffets, small table/counter signage


  • 10 Sizes to choose from
  • 3 Standards metal colors: Gold, silver and white
  • Recommended for indoor use

Anodized Aluminum Signage Plates

  • 2 oval plates to choose from
  • Standing, hanging, suction, and adhesive options to choose from
  • Recommended for buffets, small table/counter signage

Top Sellers

Gold Name Tag Sample by Imprint Plus

Medium White Name Badge Kit, 20-Units

Medium Silver Name Badge Sample

Extra Small Silver Name Badge Kit, 20-Units

Black Pin Name Badge by Imprint Plus

Oval Gold Name Badge Kit, 20-Units

our new line of sparkle badges

Our new line of sparkle badges in various colors

*New Product* Sparkle Name Badges

Imprint Plus™ badge plates are now available in sparkle finishes! Our employees are absolutely in love with these badges. It adds a fun, glamorous flair to your badge that is sure to get noticed. Glitter colors available includecopper sparklegold sparkle,platinum sparkle, and silver sparkle.

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