We’ve Reinvented the Name Badge Pin Holder

Why We Made the Badge Holder Pin

Name badge pin holders are the traditional way of fastening name badges to employee uniforms for a reason; badges stay put with badge pins! Even though our magnetic badge holders are an Imprint Plus™ signature, we still love badge pins. In fact, we’ve re-invented the name badge pin as well by developing and patenting the only name badge pin holder that is guaranteed not to break.

Imprint Plus™ name badge pin fasteners also feature a custom-designed peel and stick adhesive, which will assure a strong hold to the badge plate.

Name badge pins fasteners are recommended for housekeeping, kitchen staff, and any employee that has a physically demanding role.

How the Badge Pin Works

Our name badge pins will not fall off. All Imprint Plus™ peel n’stick name badge pin holders have been formulated to adhere to a metallic coated surface. We designed our signature badge pin fasteners with a larger-than-standard name badge pin backs to give them more stability. A bar pin locking mechanism also helps prevent badge lodge by stopping the badge pin from opening unexpectedly.

Key Badge Pin Features

Imprint Plus™ name badge pin fasteners are designed to look great and save you money. Here’s how:

  • Classic:  The badge pin is the classic fastener for name badges, which means everyone knows how to use it; no training required!
  • Designed to stay put: Curled badge pin closures keep pins securely fastened, even when pressed and pushed in an active job.
  • Ideal for active professionals: Stays in place no matter how fast-paced your day may be.
  • Secure hold: Badge pin peel and stick adhesive has been formulated to adhere to metallic coated surfaces like Imprint Plus™ name badge plates. This will reduce the number of lost badges and badge replacement costs.
  • Locking Feature: Signature name badge pin fasteners include a bar-pin locking mechanism that ensures the badge pin stays closed unless you want to open it.
  • Not permanently attached: Many other name badges are permanently attached to their badge holders, so when the pin breaks, you have to throw away the entire name badge. Our badge pin fasteners are a separate component (as are all our name badge fasteners) so you can salvage the name badge no matter what happens.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive back: Peel and stick adhesive has been formulated to match our Imprint Plus™ metal name badges.
  • Everyday low price: Our name badge pin holders are priced to beat out the competition and give you a better value overall.

Tech Specs

Imprint Plus™ primarily sells two types of name badge pin holders and fasteners at two distinct price points, the signature badge pin fastener and the white badge pin fastener. Our badge pins are specifically designed to work with Imprint Plus™ name badges.

Signature Badge Pin Fastener

Signature Pin Fastener

Signature name badge pin fastener

  • Dimensions: 1.75” x 0.50”
  • Safety lock mechanism so badge pin does not come un-latched
  • Badge pin base is wider for more surface adhesion
  • Strong bar badge pin designed not to break
  • Made in Japan
  • Also available in a larger version 2.18” x 0.43, which was designed for uniforms and grommet holes

White Pin Fastener

White pin fastener

White name badge pin fastener

  • Dimensions: 1.5″ x 0.31″ / 37.90mm x 8.14mm
  • Lower profile ( it’s a flatter, shorter pin )
  • More affordable badge pin option
  • Made in China

Ask Us About Our Lapel Pin Fasteners

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