ID Name Badge Accessories
Add Even More Marketing Real Estate

Along with our wide variety of name badges, Imprint Plus carries an equally broad selection of ID badge accessories including employee recognition accessories.

Badge Talkers

Why We Made This

Name badge accessories are a key component of any ID badge program. Some name tag accessories add more marketing real estate for your front line staff, which gives you more space to communicate with your customers. Badge talkers are one of our most popular ID name badge accessories. Badge talkers are an affordable and easy way to share the excitement of a holiday, event, or promotion. One of our other popular badge accessories is the ID Card Clip, which allows you to integrate your ID card with your name badge, thereby folding two programs into one.

How Badge Talkers Work

The Badge Talkers simply adheres flush to the back of our Imprint Plus™ name badges for a clean and professional aesthetic.

Key Badge Accessory Features

staples badge talker

Sample Badge Talkers currently used by Staples

  • More marketing real estate for:
    • Event promotion
    • Seasonal messages
    • Discounts
    • Motto/slogan
  • Highlight employee skills like languages spoken
  • Identify trainees
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Polished
  • Sized perfectly for Imprint Plus™ name badges

Tech Specs

Keep in mind that different talker shapes and sizes fit better with diverse badge types, so make sure to look at the chart below, and figure out which talker will work best with your corporate name tags.

badge talkers shapes, sizes and compatibility

ID Card Clips

Why We Made These Badge Accessories

Many front-line employees today are required to wear a name tag in addition to a security card. Wearing a name badge on your lapel, a lanyard around your neck, and a belt clip around your waist is way too much! Not only is it constraining, but it’s also very easy to forget one component at home in the morning.

Imprint Plus™ designed and developed the ID Card Clip badge accessories to enable an ID card (cr-80) to be affixed to a name tag with the ability to access or remove the card for use. It’s a budget-wise, straightforward, functional solution to integrating security cards with ID name tags.

It’s also important to note that the two usual products that are normally coupled with ID or security cards don’t work as well as the ID Card Clip. A neck lanyard must be removed to use the ID card in swipe or proximity sensors, and a retractable belt clip is bulky and does not lend itself to the aesthetic of a high-end uniform.  ID Card Clip badge accessories are both functional and elegant. A perfect solution for your front line staff!


How ID Card Clips Work

With Imprint Plus™ ID Card Clip badge accessories your ID or security card easily attaches and detaches from your name tag. The ID Card Clip badge is a small plastic piece that connects a name badge with an ID card by “hooking” into a slot in the ID card. Once hooked, the card is easily removed by sliding it sideways. The clip itself adheres easily to the back of your badge plate, and the card snaps naturally into place. Our adhesive is extremely strong, so the ID Card Clip stays firmly in place. These attachment badge accessories  are elegant, affordable, and extremely easy to use.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the ID Card Clip Badge Accessories

  1. Remove the protective D-Tape strip
  2. Affix the front of your ID Card Clip to the back of your name badge plate
  3. Snap security card into holder at the bottom of the card clip by pressing down on the clip

Your name tag and security card are securely attached!

Key ID Card Clip Features

id card badge clip

The ID card clip badge accessory in use

  • Never lose your ID card again
  • No more lanyards or belt clips
  • Designed to suit standard ID size perfectly
  • Reduce administration time by combining security card and name tag programs
  • So easy to attach and detach card from the name badge
  • Compatible with 5 most popular Imprint Plus™ name badge sizes
  • Eliminates the need for expensive badge lanyards
  • Reduces overall cost per employee

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 2.45″w x1.08″h (width includes arms)
  • Material: Resin Durolon VR-2200
  • Color: Natural or “Clear”
  • Works with: MD, LG, ID, TO and LO (See See name badge shapes and sizes for more details)
  • Hole punching instructions: Hole in security card must be punched 3/16″ from the edge of the card; hole must be 9/16″ wide x 1/8″ h

We also carry name badge clipslanyards and pin fasteners!

Please note: We recommend the use of aluminum name badge plates and badge pin fasteners when using the card clip together with a magnetic security or ID card since a magnetic fastener could demagnetize your security card.

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