Bespoke Requirements 

We hold a selection of the most popular Imprint Plus products in stock for next day delivery but also maintain a close and collaborative relationship directly with the manufacturers of the product.  We are well placed to answer all badge printing enquiries, and manage the more bespoke requirements of corporate customers looking to purchase Imprint Plus products outside of our stocked range or have bespoke name plates and badges produced in higher volumes.

We can (for example) arrange the pre-printing of the badge inserts to match precise pantone specifications and brand guidelines as well as provide customised and pre-configured versions of the badge printing software, so that organisations can aquire the flexibility of being able to self-print name badges at departmental level locally, whilst maintaining strict adherence to the organisations branding policy standards.

Request a Sample

If you would like to receive a sample of our name badges, please call us on 01476 515934 and we'll be delighted to arrange this. Alternatively, you can email us at

Customise Your Name Badge Shapes, Sizes, Colours & Materials

Imprint Plus™ know that personalisation and selection is crucial to meeting customers’ needs. The right name badge shape, size and colour means everything when it comes to communicating your unique brand.

In response to customer requests over the last 30 years, Imprint Plus™ offer a wide range of reusable name badge shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. Through our direct relationship with the manufacturers 3WM can supply the right name badge solutions for your company.

For more details regarding custom name badges, or to get a quote, feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect name badge solution that is suitable for you and your staff.

Imprint Plus Standard Badge Shapes & Sizes

Imprint Plus™ name badges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from sizes that range from extra small, small, medium, large, medium plus, and extra large sizes; for shapes, choose from our selection of square, rectangle, or oval shape name badges.

Extra Small (XS)

0.5" x 2.0"
1.27cm x 5.08cm

Extra Small Mighty Badge name badge

Small (SM)

0.75" x 2.5"
1.90cm x 6.35cm

Small Mighty Badge name badge

Medium (MD)

1" x 3"
2.54cm x 7.62cm

Medium Mighty Badge name badge

Large (LG)

1.5" x 2.75"
3.81cm x 6.98cm

Large Mighty Badge name badge

Medium Plus (MP)

1.5" x 3"
3.81cm x 7.62cm

Medium Plus Mighty Badge name badge

Boomer (ID)

2.125" x 3.37"
5.39cm x 8.55cm

Boomer Mighty Badge name badge

Square (SQ)

1.62" x 1.62"
4.11cm x 4.11cm

Square Mighty Badge name badge

Oval (OV)

2.57″ x 1.7″
6.52cm x 4.32cm

Oval Mighty Badge name badge

Small Oval (SO)

1.976″ x 1.284″
5.02cm x 3.26cm

Small Oval Mighty Badge name badge

Thin Oval (TO)

2.75″ x 0.95″
6.98cm x 2.41cm

Thin Oval Mighty Badge name badge

Imprint Plus Name Badge plates

Our most popular back plates are manufactured from aluminium, ensuring a balance of lightness, weather resistance, strength and durability. These are available in attractive brushed-silver, brushed-gold or brushed-platimum effects as well as solid white and custom colours.

Heavier steel back plates are also available and can be supplied with silver, gold, copper effect finishes and solid colours. These can be appropriate for more cost sensitive, indoor applications.

We can supply back plates pre-printed for you to a very high standard. This option can be useful in assuring adherence to brand standards and can be cost-effective for quantities as low as only 20 back plates.

The plates for metal name badgesare quality manufactured burr free parts with +/- .005 tolerances on dimension. These precision name badge materials come with a guarantee on workmanship. .


White Steel badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Silver Steel badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Gold Steel badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Copper Steel badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch



White Aluminium badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Silver Aluminium badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Gold Aluminium badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Platinum Aluminium badge colour - Mighty Badge Swatch


Aluminium Metal Name Badges

  • 10 name badge sizes to choose from
  • 3 standard metal name badge colours: Gold, silver and white
  • Recommended for humid climates, kitchen staff, doormen and valet services
  • Aluminium plates are also recommended for buffet signage and small table/counter signage

Steel Metal Name Badges

  • 10 name badge sizes to choose from
  • 3 standard metal name badge colours: Gold, silver and white
  • Recommended for indoor use

Anodised Aluminium Signage Plates

  • 2 oval plates to choose from
  • Standing, hanging, suction, and adhesive options
  • Recommended for table signage or counters

Pre-printed inserts

Although transparent or bright white inserts are usually supplied blank for your own printing, we can partially or fully print some of or all your inserts for you.

Alternative Fasteners

The rare earth premium magnetic fasteners are particularly strong, ensuring condfinent attachment to most thicknesses of fabric without puncturing. We also supply a budget range of magnetic fasteners, which work particularly well with steel back plates.

Our premium pin-type fasteners include a bar-pin locking mechanism, which ensures that the pin stays closed. We can also supply alternative pin fasteners for more cost-sensitive applications.

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