Re-upholstery service 

Looking for a specific colour or fabric to match your office? Many of our office chairs are available with a bespoke upholstery option (where indicated).

Below, you will see swatches for the Camira Xtreme range of fabrics - our recommended choice for most offices. Xtreme is a modern crepe weave fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. Its stretch properties, coupled with inherent flame resistance, durability and non-pilling properties make it an ever popular fabric for office seating.

If you are interested in ordering from the selection below, please give us a call on 01476 515934.

Photographic fabric scans are not colour accurate. Always request actual fabric samples before ordering.

Xtreme Adobo

Xtreme Arecibo

Xtreme Parasol

Xtreme Marianna

Xtreme Bluefield

Xtreme Navassa

Xtreme Bluebell

Xtreme Cayman

Xtreme Scuba

Xtreme Martinique

Xtreme Ocean

Xtreme Honeymoon

Xtreme Costa

Xtreme Leeward

Xtreme Curacao

Xtreme Orchilla

Xtreme Campeche

Xtreme Flores

Xtreme Apple

Xtreme Appledore

Xtreme Taboo

Xtreme Lombok

Xtreme Montserrat

Xtreme Madura

Xtreme Tonga

Xtreme Windjammer

Xtreme Andaman

Xtreme Tarot

Xtreme Bridgetown

Xtreme Mauve

Xtreme Padang

Xtreme Blizzard

Xtreme Anguilla

Xtreme Slip

Xtreme Buru

Xtreme Osumi

Xtreme Krabi

Xtreme Twister

Xtreme Steel

Xtreme Rum

Xtreme Bonaire

Xtreme Sandstorm

Xtreme Aruba

Xtreme Manado

Xtreme Solano

Xtreme Tortuga

Xtreme Jamaica

Xtreme Lobster

Xtreme Belize

Xtreme Panama

Xtreme Tokara

Xtreme Calypso

Xtreme Diablo

Xtreme Tobago

Xtreme Nicobar

Xtreme Bounty

Xtreme Nougat

Xtreme Sombrero

Xtreme Havana

Xtreme Arawak

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